Discover how Andrew Napier who just had to battle for his life a few weeks ago turned his experience into a POWERFUL COMEBACK both as an entrepreneur and as a human. This 20-year old kid has set his mind on the Pursuit of Happiness in helping others find their WHY so more can build themselves up and not let failures stop ones growth.

00:00 – Intro
00:26 – Andrew Napier Last 2 Weeks Battling Life
03:20 – What Goes Through His Head At That Moment (The Pursuit of Happiness)
08:38 – Finding The Why to Others to Be Independent for Yourself
14:10 – Not Limiting Yourself with Your Current Skillsets
17:27 – Definition of a Noisemaker
28:05 – The Value of Affiliate Marketing
38:40 – Red Flags in Affiliates
43:40 – ADHD and ADD (Not Putting Labels)
52:20 – Growing Even With 11 Failures
1:00:30 – Understanding What Stroke Feels and How it Transformed Andrew Napier
1:06:53 – Outro

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