My next guest is Chris Chobotiuk, Owner and Founder of Jujube Business and Entrepreneur Fit. Discover how he got past his addictions in life and transform the way he leads his business today. “Pivot Don’t Panic”, that’s what he said. Use the rough experiences in life and build yourself up.

00:00 – Intro
01:10 – How the Journey Started for Chris
3:55 – What Jube 2 Is
9:49 – Actionable Things You Take When You Have a Great Idea
13:20 – The Transitions from Old School to the Digital New School
18:15 – The Bumpy Road Chris Experienced
26:47 – The Internet’s a Tool to Connect with Genuine and Authentic People
29:30 – Getting Past Addictions and Transforming the Way You Lead
38:25 – The Willingness to Protect others and to Fight for What’s Right
44:40 – Pivot Don’t Panic
53:10 – Jube 2 Services
56:40 – COVID Affecting Business Owners and How One Should Take Action
1:04:45 – Quitting the Things that Damages You
1:09:21 – Outro

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