Discover how your past can give you the drive to become a better human and entrepreneur with Salvatore Steffano! We’ve discussed tons of stuff about the history of the internet and how it evolved into a platform accessible for anyone to use today. Now is the time to stand up from getting burnt out and solve problems and build your own success!

00:00 Intro
5:10 – How Salvatore Steffano Started
14:45 – Evolution of Selling
17:40 – The Transition of Making Money Online
21:37 – Affiliate Marketing in the Dating Niche
27:00 – Buy, Sell, and Trade
29:40 – Adapting to the New Online World
36:15 – Being Accountable is Slowly Disintegrating
40:00 – Building a Digital System
47:50 – The Depression of Having an Agency
52:48 – Getting Burnt Out But Learning How to Stand Up Again
1:00:05 – Opening the Window to Running a Business
1:06:00 – Getting Punched in the Face
1:09:00 – Sold a $30,000 Ecommerce Website
1:13:20 – Endeavoring in the Past Industries
7:10 – The Way the Internet Changed Communication in Business
1:22:00 – Finding Out if Business is Meant For You
1:27:50 – Doing the Things You Want To Do
1:39:00 – Solving Problems in the Pandemic
1:45:07 – Outro

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