Learn the Story of Geoff Skadra, Founder of Focus First, and how he transitioned from just a little kid selling paper footballs to creating his own digital business helping out agencies to 2X their revenue and conquer their insecurities towards both life and business. Watch how we uncover the fears most entrepreneurs experience that is keeping them from becoming what they were meant to be.

00:00 – MOVD Entrepreneur Evolved Intro
00:44 – How Last Names Came to Be
3:07 – Welcoming Geoff Skadra
4:39 – Business Mentality in 2021
8:52 – How Geoff Skadra Started Entrepreneurship
11:20 – Commonalities We See as a Young Entrepreneur
15:33 – Quality vs. Sales
19:50 – Conquering Insecurities
25:35 – The Scaleability of Businesses (Focus First)
29:15 – Difference of Agency and the Coaching
33:10 – Understanding the Growth of An Agency (How Geoff Built His Agency)
42:49 – Groundhog Day
47:15 – Trudging It Out
50:47 – Sacrificing Important Parts of Life Just to Build the Business
56:00 – Adapting to Hiring Remote Staffs
1:00:10 – Changes in the Agencies due to COVID19
1:03:40 – Employees are Human Too (Connecting with People the Right Way)
1:08:00 – When to Trust Others and Grow Better
1:13:23 – The Mentorship Philosophy
1:21:30 – Hobbies as an Entrepreneur (Living Your Life to the Fullest)
1:30:30 – Freedom of Time (The Badge of Honor for Entrepreneurs)
1:34:10 – Adding Value to the Market
1:39:30 – 2X Agency Accelerator
1:43:00 – Outro

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