He’s the guy you’ll remember saying these lines…”Why Would You ignore 50% Of The Human Body” Learn how Dean Lister through his trials as a kid became one of the innovators of American Jiu-Jitsu. He was the fighter who brought leg locks to the forefront of submission grappling. Though he is often overlooked, he’s the person who just loves to compete and let his actions do the talking. A one of kind fighter in his era!

00:00 – MOVD Entrepreneur Evolved Intro
00:41 – Dean Lister’s Gym
2:19 – The Evolution of the Fighting Industry
4:49 – How Dean Lister Came to Be
9:35 – Was Fighting the Only Thing He Did
11:17 – Adapting through the Tough Crowd
14:11 – Trained Fighting vs. Real Fighting
19:13 – The Value of a Coach
20:16 – The #1 Accomplishment
23:30 – What New with Dean Lister

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