You don’t like my food, you leave my restaurant.

A colleague of mine once went to an authentic Italian restaurant. Out of habit, he asked for tomato sauce with his pasta. With hesitancy in her voice, the waiter responded that they don’t serve tomato sauce with any of their food. Annoyed by this seemingly lack of care, he asked to speak to the man in charge. A minute later and a chef, the main chef, made his way through to the requested table. With a weight and pride in his voice, the chef asked him to leave his restaurant: ‘You don’t like my food, you leave my restaurant.’

As owners, designers or decision makers, we need to be as proud about the products we serve to the world as this chef was about his food. We need to be relentlessly brave when it comes to extra feature requests. Especially if we know those features will ruin the product’s taste…

“Let people feel the weight of who you are and let them deal with it.” John Eldridge – Wild at Heart