When A Camping Form Feels Like Applying For A New Job

I’m not an avid camper, but now and then I actually like to get out into the wild. About 2 years ago, we went to a camping place called Beaverlac. A beautiful place that’s definitely worth it. But I found it a bit weird that they don’t take any bookings. You just pitch up and pitch your tent. If they’ve run out of camping spots. Well… then you need to find another place.

In my search for a camping place for next weekends outing with my dad, I went to the old trusted Beaverlac website. But this time only to be greeted with a new booking form. Things has changed. You now need to book a place. Which, under normal circumstances, would be okay. But this form is a bit different… Apart from the normal name and date fields, there’s a few very odd ones that almost made me feel that I’m applying for a new job.

See if you can spot them:


Im not sure why they need my occupation, employer, and me to name 3 camp rules, but I assume they had quite a few problems at the camp site and now need to do more quality control. But now also to the cost of bookings…

Lesson learned: Make you’re form only do what it needs to do. Anything more than that and people might not fill it in.