Uber – Growing Up Like a Teenager

In his article “How to get away with Uber”, Bobbie Johnson makes quite a dismantling concluding statement about human behaviour and how Uber challenges that behaviour:

And that, in the end, is the real reason so many people hate Uber: Because whatever we do, we can’t stop ourselves from making it bigger and more successful and more terrifying and more necessary. Uber makes everything so easy, which means it shows us who, and what, we really are. It shows us how, whatever objections we might say we hold, we don’t actually care very much at all. We have our beliefs, our morals, our instincts. We have our dislike of douchebags, our mistrust of bad behavior. We have all that. But in the end, it turns out that if something’s 10 percent cheaper and 5 percent faster, we’ll give it all up quicker than we can order a sandwich.

I struggle to believe that this is true. I believe that we are more than reactors to what is handed to us. Uber is flourishing not because people would trade their morals and convictions to get a cheaper taxi but partly because they have done an exceptional job creating a great product. Sadly they have done so biting and bullying their way to the top.

Uber is still a teenager and teenagers do childish and immature things. Time will tell, but they will either learn from their misbehaviour and grow up to become an example to others or, they will stay a spoiled brat and maybe dropout.

I hope for the former…