Pair Designing Roundup

I’ve read Pair Programming Illuminated when I was still the only designer at Afrolabs, purely because I’ve seen the value of pairing together and the quality of work that results from it. But when Jess joined the team in Feb, I started to do a lot of reading on pair designing and how we can improve our work by pairing together. At first I thought there wasn’t a lot of practical, hands-on information on the topic, but I soon realised the opposite.

For anyone interested in pair designing, below is a list of all the articles I’ve found so far on the topic:

Pivotal Labs:
UX Mag:
Ian Schoen:
Adam Morris:
Creative Bloq:
Mariya Yao:
Anders Ramsay:
Jess Klein:
Dsign at Slack:


Videos & Slideshares
Interaction Design Association:
Air Mozilla:
Karl Dotter: