New Interface Paradigms 2

The Anti-Mac Interface” by Jakob Nielsen, is a phenomenal piece about the Mac and an alternative UI to the GUI. It’s an article that is more true today than what it was 20 years ago. Here’s a snippet out of the article:

…the next generation of users will make their learning investments with computers, and it is counterproductive to give them interfaces based on awkward imitations of obsolete technologies.

Instead, we need to develop new interface paradigms based on the structure of computer systems and the tasks users really have to perform, rather than paradigms that enshrine outmoded technology.

The way to advance the interface is not to develop ever-more-faithful imitations of the desktop, but instead to escape the limitations of the desktop especially as computers themselves become ubiquitous and are used away from the desk.

Yes, I know, this article was written 20 years ago in 1996…