Me & My Beautiful Fiancé.)

In less than 4 months, me and my beautiful fiancé will get married. One of my friends is a brilliant photographer and spoiled us with an engagement shoot. Below are some of his photos. They were taken on our farm just outside Durbanville, Cape Town. You can view more of his other photos at

A quick tech tip: By using JpegMini, I was able to compress these photos by more than 50% without any quality loss. Try it out. It’s a really nifty tool to compress photos that would otherwise be 10MB big…

Steyn-&-Lindl-11Steyn-&-Lindl-10 Steyn-&-Lindl-9 Steyn-&-Lindl-8 Steyn-&-Lindl-7 Steyn-&-Lindl-6 Steyn-&-Lindl-5 Steyn-&-Lindl-4 Steyn-&-Lindl-3 Steyn-&-Lindl-2
Wow! She’s beautiful!)