iOS And OS X’s New Symbiotic Relationship

Last week I found John Gruber’s post, Only Apple. It’s a relatively long but insightful post on why only Apple can do the things they do. It’s defintely worth the read.

Meanwhile, as I made my way through the pages of Steve Jobs’ autobiography, I came across a particular section that gave me a slight bit of de ja vu.

In 1999, Adobe decided not to create a Mac version of their popular video editing application, Premiere.

Jobs, in his old fashioned way, was furious beyond himself.

But as expected, shortly after the fallout, Apple started to produce application software for the Mac. It was the origins of Final Cut Studio, iMovie, iPhoto and many other.

Together with the computer, software, applications and a FireWire cable, the full potential of the camcoder, for example, could now be unlocked. Instead of having hours of raw footage locked up on your camera, you now had the ability to create your own movies with iMovie.

A digital hub was born and Jobs became even more of a believer in providing end-to-end solutions.

From Steve’s autobiography comes a piece that was beautifully echoed by Tim Cook at this years WWDC:

The beauty of this realization was that there was only one company that was well-positioned to provide such an integrated approach. Microsoft wrote software, Dell and Compaq made hardware, Sony produced a lot of digital devices, Adobe developed a lot of applications. But only Apple did all of these things. “We’re the only company that owns the whole widget – the hardware, the software and the operating system,” he explained to Time. “We can take full responsibility for the user experience. We can do things the other guys cant do.”

And here’s the echo by Tim, 16 years later:

Apple engineers platforms, devices, and services together. We do this so that we can create a seamless experience for our users that is unparalleled in the industry. This is something only Apple can do.

It’s like a symphony… Beautiful.

With the long awaited announcement of iOS and OS X’s new symbiotic relationship, Apple are now even more able to do what no one else can…

This is a major step into the future for Apple. The seamless relationship between iOS and OS X will now not only allow them to create a more unified experience for their current product line, but also for whatever they announce in coming WWDC’s…