Book Review – Making it right: Product management for a startup world

I recently read Rian van der Merwe’s new book, “Making it right: Product management for a startup world“. It’s a great book! And the reviews on Amazon agrees…

“Like a product management mentor.”

“Solid, practical, advice on Product Management.”

“Done right – a clear and readable guide to product management.”

“Great must read for Product Managers, and, more importantly, anyone who works with Product Management.”

This last review is quite significant for me in a very specific way and that is who this book is written for.

In the introduction, Rian draws the attention of two specific groups of people “anyone considering a career in product management” and “those who have been in the field for a while and are looking for a more formal framework for the work they do.” But as the last reviewer stated correctly, this book is also for those who work with PM’s. That includes marketers, developers, designers, and more.

I’m a designer. I’ve never been a product manager and I don’t have a particular desire to become one soon either.

But I found that this book is relevant for me for 2 reasons (there’s probably more…):

Reason 1: You’ll get to appreciate them more…

PM’s are the firefighters when the product is about to burn down, the security guards to fend off feature creep and the bouncers who keeps his club (team) safe. This realisation hasn’t only shown me who they are but has also created an immense amount of respect for them.

Reason 2: You’ll become better at what you do…

PM’s are more than firefighters, security guards and bouncers. If you allow them, they might also proof themselves to be a mentor. Sometimes they need to reprimand us. Sometimes push us to go the extra pixel. And sometimes ask the tough questions. All, so that we can perfect our craft.

So, in closing…

Well done to my friend Rian! You’ve accomplished a mammoth task – one you most probably didn’t even intend to accomplish. This book will enable me (and others working with PM’s) to be better at what we do. And perhaps also to be better Product Managers one day…