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Spoiling A Moment…

I’m proud to say that 3 weeks ago I joined the “Married Man’s League”. We had an unforgettable 2 weeks on honeymoon! Writing about the Mozambican beaches or the 2600km road-trip we did, won’t do it any justice but it has been without a doubt an amazing time of rest for both Lindl and me. Especially after 3 months of crazy planning to make the wedding day run as smooth as possible.

Hence also the reason I haven’t posted anything to MOVD for nearly 2 months. Not because I didn’t had the time, but because my mind was occupied by what felt more important then. It was almost as if there was no more space available in my brain to write.

By nature I’m quite an intense guy and many times that intensity will result in putting an immense amount of pressure on myself. I’m not talking about the good pressure that propels us forward. I’m talking about the kind that spoils the moment. Pressuring myself to write during this time almost spoiled it.

That’s also one of the most important things I’ve come to realise over the past few months: our wedding was a once in a lifetime moment and now that I’ve started to write again, it makes perfectly sense to rather enjoy the moment for what it is than placing this ton of pressure on myself to write when I can’t even think of something to write about.

In a way this realisation feels liberating because our life is filled with numerous once-in-a-lifetime moments. Accept they will all look different; I will have my first-born (maybe twins.), family might pass away, move to the other side of the world  (like my friend @rianvdm. Read his blog post on this experience. Hats off to him…) or have a great coffee with someone. And adding too much pressure on ourselves in these moments might spoil them.

The great thing about not spoiling these moments is that they will result in more vivid and beautiful stories. Stories we might want to write about…

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